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Ministry Overview

The Progoff methodology is a valuable resource for the development of ministers. Progoff was a pioneer in advocating the importance of spiritual growth as a component of psychological development.

"The ultimate task of psychology is to re-establish a person's connection to the sustaining and creative forces of life...through an experience of meaning and spiritual authenticity in the inner life."
"...the net result of modern psychology has been to reaffirm man's experience of himself as a spiritual being."

Process Meditation™ methods provide an integrated set of procedures for deepening inner experience in the context of your entire spiritual life. They provide an ongoing spiritual discipline for working actively and systematically at an inner level reaching toward an experience of greater meaning.

"Intensive Journal approach... deepens the level of experience and this draws an individual into contact with the profound sources of inner wisdom.."
"Intensive Journal work is indeed a type of prayer and the midst of the actuality of our life experiences."

For these reasons, our program has been hosted at leading seminaries, sabbatical programs, and spiritual centers. The Progoff methodology provides a tool for ministers to use throughout their career, and balance the needs of family, church staff and their congregation. Rev. Dr. James D. Miller’s article, "The Intensive Journal Method: a Tool for Ministry" provides a detailed summary of how he used our method over the course of his 35 year career in ministry.

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